Monday, December 20, 2010

why we should marry a doctor??

1. The stethoscope.

2. They can give you the gift of "missing them" because they are always at work.

3. They can give you a free medical consultation.

4.You save yourself the embarrassment of going to a doctor with a water infection!!

5. They are smart!!

6. They are heavy weight party people in the weekend

7. They can check your hear rate when u angry....!!

8. They are well trained to listen.

9. They know how you feel, or at least pretend to!!

10. They always have a strange new story to tell.

11. They offer you a tissue when you feel like crying (it is a reflex).

12. They can stay up all night if you want them to accompany you watching a horror movie because they are used to have 'on call'.

13. They can guide you in the gym.

14. Money!!! (Although they work long hours for it)

15. Free medical samples!!

16. They are unshockable!!!

17. They know what you want to hear and say it!!

18. They always try to dress nice!!

19. They are trained in breaking bad news

3 wanna say something??:

cik ili said...

like this...=p
but kawen doctor ni menakotkan...
takot sunyi sbb salu kne tinggal...

Anonymous said...

should i?

Eslam ELbahar said...

:D :D Good reasons ...