Thursday, December 31, 2009

screaming is not a cure

happy new year!!!
selamat tahun baru 2010!!...
sae hae chuekayo!!...
cara laen korang ucapkan..
it doesn't matter..
i just don't care..
and its not important to me..
not a single!!..
what the difference??tell me...
they is the same..
24hours a day, 30days a month, and 12 months a year..
azam??aku bole ubah or tetapkan azam aku anytime i want..
so i don't have to be so excited with this new year..
and yeah...
my new year starts from October and ends on July..
each year..
i bet semua students kat mansoura nih rase camtu gak kan..

.............................. huh!!~~

sorry...aku x berniat nak meletup..
aku marah..benci..bengang ngan diri sendiri..
aku tak tahu camne nak releasekan feeling ni..
and sangat2..serabut..
that word jer yang keep coming in my head..
the problems keeps popping up uncontrolled..
one by one..
tell us??
tell u??
this site is not for problems-story-telling-that-we-share-we-care-and-we-forgot-at-the-end..
i will not tell anything here..
sorry..i can tell nothing..
serabut kepala!!
maybe u don't have to see this side of me..
when i am not stable, when i am not fine..
i'm sooooooo ugly..

got to go..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

< maybe i'm not genius but i'm not stupid >

i HATE math..
hate means, really really jinjja jinjja don't like!!!no!!anio!!lak!!
i HATE HATE HATE math!!..yes..
this much...
don't play numbers with me..
but i excellent in counting money and making budget..hahaha
i LOVE money!! =P
love means strong like, to something..

talking about MATH, i like to share someting with u all..
just look at these pictures below..
maybe i'm not good in math, but i'm not this stupid..
x sangka ade jugak manusia camni...


Kesian 1

Kesian 2

Kesian 3

Kesian 4

Kesian 5

Kesian 6

Kesian 7

Kesian 8

Kesian 9

Kesian 10

Kesian 11

Kesian 12

Kesian 13

Kesian 14

Kesian 15

see??..hahaha...bongek tak..
saje share2 lawak, ngah bosan neh..
btw, i have my final sem exam this 30th January..
so, please pray and wish me luck and success..
35days left!!wait for me my anak buah whatever-ur-name is..(...??)
let's see again..
doing well and stay healthy ok..

3 out of 2 people have trouble with fraction..including me...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lub Dub shreeekk~~

just now..
i "mentelaah" (..??) heart sound..
first heart sound..
second heart sound..
third heart sound...
how many heart sound do we have ekteli??..
i take my stethoscope and i put it on the auscultation sites..
on my chest..
i sat conversing with myself..

"where is the sound??"
"how to differentiate these sound??"
"between this heart sound and the other heart sound"
"this ^Lub Dub^ sound is familiar to me"..
I am looking for another one heart sound..
summation gallop maybe??..

"damn!!..i can't hear anything"..
"the background music is too loud!!"..
or my stethoscope is broken..
or maybe i should try again..

when the room is empty and quiet..

you do realize that..

the point of metaphors is to scare people..

from doing things by telling them that..

something much scarier is going to happen..

or trying to tell them what we want by telling them in the stupid ways..

like i did just now..

God, I wish I had a metaphor to explain this better!!

half of me is sleeping and half of me is still awake..

p/s : this is not a fact..its a truth..:D

to mak ndah!

ade masa jap tadi..
so sempat upload gambar nih..
saje nak kasi mak ndah tengok..hehe =P
kami wat open house time raye haji arituh..
ni ade sikit gambar...

antara tetamu yang hadir..membe2 jerk pom..

ni masa jamuan makan pelajar mansoura..thun 1-tahun5..
ramai kan..tapi ade jer yg x datang..

ngah msak kuah kacang..2 general chef ni yg msak..
pandai masak deme nih..
yg kiri tuh khalifa n kanan tuh syafiq..
my housemates..
orang??..tolong sedia2 barang jerk..haha

ha!!..apa macam!!??..apa macam??

ni lah juadah nyer..ade mee goreng..puding cocktail..custard jagung..donat..
nasi impit..kuah kacang..

dah siap makan...

ni kat rumah melaka..cairo..first time lapah daging korban..duk kg pom mana ade tolong..

tuh jerr...
rayer korban jer paling meriah..
raya aidilfitri...teeettt!!xde pepe...
so gane2 pom..raye taun depan...
nak balik!!

kim salam kat pak andak ngan mak teh..
tgok gambo makndah arituh cam gemok jerk...oopppss!!..
ngandung ker??..
mesha merangkak x lagi??..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Out Of Control

this feeling...what is this??..


who is calling me??what is going on here??
what i'm thinking about??
can u just stop annoying and disturbing me please..
whoever u are,the one controlling my brain, i begging u..
i'm not ready to be a person who responsible to teach the youngest generation yet..
just stay at this happy stage..can u??can u ha??
this feeling...
maybe it is hormones??
am i old??NO!!!
i feel like...........
nothing..u will not believe it pom kalu aku gitau..

marathon roxy - abasiyah

Cairo, 21:30 , 11th December 2009

last night, samad and i went to Roxy..
tempat tuh penuh ngan kedai2 komputer and electronic...
sangat banyak!!+_+"
low yat pom x macam Roxy kowt...KOWT la..hehe
tapi al maklum la..barang2 kat sini cikai2 punya..
ade kedai yg up to date tuh ok ar..
ade kedai yg ntah pepe diorang jual..
xleh bla..

oh yer...i went to cairo because i have "majlis beramah mesra pelajar2 terengganu"..

lepas penat pusing2 kat Roxy tuh kitorang pom balik..
naek bus...
HARAM punyer...haha
then bus ni turunkan kitorang kat tgah2 jalan...
kitorang pom turun and tunggu for another bus...

"eh eh eh..depan tuh!!"
"ade bus!!cepat3!!"

kitorang pom berlari kejar..tapi alamak bus tuh gerak dulu...
x sempat kitorang kejar..

"xpe..ade jalan pintas!!cepat3!!"
sangat panjang yer jalan pintas tuh...
dah ar sejuk, baru pas makan,semput giler kowt..
last2 x sempat kejar gak..
dengan gembira tgok bus tuh berlalu pergi..
then naek bus laen...
kena trun tgah2 jalan gak..
sengal punyer driver..
so berjalan kaki la kami pulang ke Arma..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

:: Terasa Nak Taip Tapi Malas ::

yo!!lame x singgah kat sini..
sorry la busy ngan preparation untuk exam arituh..
so xde rase nak wat pepe pom...
hurrrrmmm???exam camne??..
bole la..don't ask about it...
i really not in mood..
maybe for the whole of this week..

ekteli nak upload gambar...
nak kasi mamahakim tgok..tapi malas lak..hehe
laen kali ar ek tunjuk gambar rayer arituh..

ha!!!to retarded boy i met just now..
i don't know either u read this or not...
errrmmm...i just wanna say that, u make me "happy"today..
and..ha!!..yup!!i really3 have a "goood"mood today after i met u...
so...f**k u, f**k u so much!! =)
i don't know what ur age was, but i assumed that u are matured enough to think between right and wrong,
and u should not said something like that bro..
u not my friend...u not my boss..
it make u look so ugly and extremely weird dude!!..
so please don't say something like that to other person..
i don't know how they will react with ur action..
maybe u will get combo of punches and kicks if u are lucky..

damn!!!...sorry for those uncomfortable words..


korang sihat??
doing well??
malaysia amacam??
still banjir ker??

take care...
korang dah besar..haha